Flynn Carmichael

Ex Cop Turned Criminal


An earthling all his life Flynn never left the planet until recently after his most recent bust. He found a manufacturer of Starshade and saw nothing but opportunity. Making a deal of protection for Ryder in return the man would cook for Carmichael. At first the officer stayed part of the force using it as ways to cover and remove evidence, and to drop evidence incriminating other drug king pins of other officers cases. One day he was found out, a rookie by the name of Blaise Nash, he uncovered enough evidence to incriminate Flynn. Though he was in holding for a small time the superiors that he had made string ties with let him out in silence. IA has not managed to make a solid case but they do believe the truth. With his life fallen apart Carmichael moved to Saturn bringing Ryder along with him. Though it had not been inhabited it’s said that he used his current wealth to make a small biome for him and his cook. Now he has become a distributor and equal partner with Ryder.


Bounty: 1 Million Dead

Flynn Carmichael

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