Asilin Hunington

Assassin for Hire


Growing up on Saturn had its perks Asilin learned at a young age how to hustle and gamble with the best of them. When she was six she made a friend a young pink haired girl named Ema. They were nearly inseparable when they were younger but as they grew they lost contact for a few years until Ema contacted her offering her a job. She accepted the offer and became a member of The Syndicate training with her old friend, their leader, she quickly learned the tricks of the trade. She rose through the ranks and became Ema‘s number 2. After some time she decided to leave and became a hired sword. She still keeps in contact with Matsuo leading people to believe that she hasn’t actually left behind The Syndicate. She was last sighted on her home planet.


Bounty: 1/2 Million Dead or Alive

Asilin Hunington

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