Welcome to the Galaxy

The year is 2146, Earth has finally expanded and has inhabited what’s been found of the milky way galaxy. Unable to reach light speed humans have still managed to make interplanetary travel possible using gateways called starboosters. Each planet has become home to it’s own form of civilization though the amount of law governing the planets varies. Earth has created a Galactic Empire controlling the planets and though Pluto has become a prison there is still trouble governing the outer planets because of the Asteroid Belt. Due to the size of some of the asteroids in the belt a group of people have set up camps on some of them calling themselves the Crimson Freedom. Commonly attacking convoys and cruise ships headed to Saturn and Neptune, some times these raiders have even been known to board police ships and free prisoners for their cause. And further out in the galaxy there is another faction known as The Syndicate forming in the casino’s on Saturn “enforcing” a no cheating policy, but looking to expand their influence to other planets.

Bounty Hunting: the Human Expansion

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