Bounty Hunting: the Human Expansion

Operation Sizzling Bacon
Chapter Four

After locating a ship inbound from earth, the crew decided to make a plan to kidnap Felling. After going through many versions of the plan, it was decided that the best plan of action was to dress like a customs officer, lure him into a holding cell, taze him, then stuff him into a container and smuggle him back to the Sunchaser. The captain obtained the uniform by bribing a shady officer. After that he went into the locker room and grabbed a few janitor uniforms for the rest of the crew. Erich was on the ground, acting as backup and the bagman, Jack provided sniper support and Sam acted as a spotter.

The day came and much to everyone’s surprise, Felling wasn’t on the ship. After talking to the ship and crew, the captain found out the ship’s purpose was to find info on Dryfus’ death. Unable to believe it was a coincidence, Captain Roland searched the ship while Erich captured and interrogated the ship’s captain. Roland found the ship was smuggling illegal weapons while Erich found out Felling sent the ship to find out what happened to his brother, during the conversation Erich was also able to extract an E-mail from his prisoner.

The captain decided to turn in the smugglers and Erich sent an E-mail to Felling trying to lure him out into the open. However the Con-man saw through the clever ruse.

Out of leads, the crew of the Sunchaser decided to head down to Saturn to chase their next bounty, an ex-police officer named Flynn Carmichael.

Chapter Three

After waiting around of Venus for a week, Jack noticed some suspicious activity in Dryfus’ surveillance and went to check it out. After breaking into his bathroom he found Dryfus has slit his wrists. After leaving the Captain had Erich make it look like he had a large gambling debt to Jack Reacher, a local Loanshark.

Erich got board and went to an underground Casino run by Reacher. After talking with Reacher, Erich offered to erase his digital trail in exchange for covering his gambling debt. However after finding out Erich’s parents are rich, Reacher decided to take him for ransom. Erich killed the men guarding him and Reacher fled the planet. Erich got a threatening message from the Syndicate.

Also Sam made some money working a legitimate job.

Chapter Two

Nebacanessaur, Raiden Class Frigate
During the flight to Mercury, the Sunchaser came across a Raiden Class Frigate bearing Crimson Freedom markings. After it didn’t respond to the captain’s hails, he sent Sam and Jack in their shuttles to examine the ship. Jack cut his way into the ship to examine the interior of the ship and Sam spliced his way into the computer system. He checked the ships logs and found out the ship was named the Nebacanessaur and according to the last logs, the ship was attacked by something they couldn’t see that apparently massacred the entire crew. Upon hearing this news, Isaac orders Jack to leave the ship immediately. However after leaving the ship, Jacks finds that a strange blob is attached to his ship. After a short fight, the crew manages to shoot the alien off the ship and leaves it to float into space. Fearing more of the alien blobs, the crew leaves the remains of the Nebacanessaur to float in space.

After reaching Mercury, Sam heads planetside to attend his parents funerals. While there he encounters a strange man. He said his name was Erich and that he was a friend of his parents, though he didn’t say how. Afterwards, Sam returned to the ship to find that the computers were being hacked by an outside source. After locking out the intruder, he warned the captain who walked outside to find the man from the funeral outside on a cyberdeck. The man said his name Was Erich Schwartzwolf, and that he had come to Mercury to track some unusual activity from Empire computer systems. He had found that alien remains had been found on Mercury and in attempt to cover it up, the empire had killed the crew that unearthed the fossil, including Sam’s parents. After a discussion among the crew, the decision was made to leave the empire to their dirty deeds and heading off to Venus to chase their next bounty. The captain also invited Erich to join the crew, suspecting that his skill with computers would come in handy in the future.

On Venus, the crew began searching for Orson Felling. After finding no leads, the crew found a worker named Richard Dryfus that came up as a match of Felling’s description. The crew tracked him down and after interrogating him, found out Dryfus is Felling’s brother. They threatened him into contacting his Felling, saying he was in trouble and in need of help. Felling soon responded that he was on his way from Pluto and he should be there in a few weeks. With that the crew settled and waited for Orson Felling to show up…

Blood Red Dust
Chapter One

Captain Isaac Roland steps out into the streets of Geronimo, the shuttle kicks up a cloud of martian sand as it takes off. A few days earlier he had gotten a tip that this town’s bank was Red-Dust Richard’s next target. Just as he arrived, he heard the sound of gunfire and went to investigate.

Meanwhile a young mechanic named Sam Robertson landed on the spaceport. Like most people just getting off the shuttle, he was looking for work. After looking around, there didn’t seem to be any work for a skilled mechanic, so he decided to leave a post and headed to find a hotel room. Later that night he got a call from a fellow looking for a good mechanic. So he got in a cab and headed out to the man’s mansion in the middle of the desert.

Across town, Jack Foster and his gang were in the middle of a turf war with a rival gang that erupted into a full pitched battle in the streets of Geronimo. The battle was going in Jack‘s favor until the sheriff and his deputies showed up. Shortly after the battle was cut short by Captain Roland walking into the middle of the fight and executing one of Jack’s gang. He ended the fight by convincing the other gang to run while they still had the chance. In the aftermath, Roland went to tend to the sheriff who got shot during the battle. And Jack approached, going on to the sheriff about how it was his town and he shouldn’t have interfered. He brought his gun up to execute the lawman before Roland punched him in the face. He slunk off before things got any worse.

Sam Robert’s job turned out to be a strange one. The man avoided questions, like his name or what he did for a living. After looking at the car, Sam determined that he would need parts, he him and the mystery man rode into the nearest town in the man’s shockingly nice car. After getting the parts, Sam made a mistake and was only able to manage a temporary fix on the car. However, being short on money, he proceed to tell the man the job was done. The man then told Sam he had a job to do and Sam should come with him. They drove into town together in his newly “fixed” ride.

Elsewhere, both Jack and Isaac determined that the bank in town was likely the next target for Red Dust Richards. They bumped into each other staking out the bank. Together they came to a decision to work on together and split the bounty. So Isaac waited in the building across the street and Jack watched from the roof to provide sniper support, he also sent a few of his gang members to watch the bank. After a few hours a car squeals to a stop in front of the bank. A man jumps out and enters the bank. Isaac goes to confront the driver. After some confusion, he finds out the man is only a simple mechanic working for the bandit. The man, (Who turned out to be Sam) wasn’t aware that the man he was working was the infamous outlaw Red Dust Richards. At that moment, the inside of the bank filled with smoke, and from outside the bank, our heroes could hear the sounds of gangers getting torn apart by a vibroblade. Isaac decided it best not to go inside the bank and instead took the keys to the car and called for Richards to give himself up. A few minutes later, he emerged from the bank with his hands up. A split second later he reached for a smoke grenade, but Jack saw him making a move and shot him clean through the heart.

After taking Richard’s corpse to the sheriff’s station, Isaac invited Sam and Jack to join his crew as bounty hunters. They accepted and the Sunchaser took off to chase the next bounty. Meanwhile, Sam got a recording from his father to be sent in the event of his death. It said there might be strange things happening on Mercury, so the captain decided to make a stop there on the way to their next job.


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