Sam Robertson

Mask wearing engineer


black hair
Pale skin
thin build
large diagonal
wears “welding” armor and mask most of the time.

agility d6
smarts d10
strength d4
spirit d4
vigor d6
repair d10
knowledge(engineering) d10
Knowledge(computers) d10
piloting d4
notice d10
ugly(Facial scaring) -2 charisma
loyal no traitor
cyber tolerance
money 200
body armor
heavy pistol
50 ammo
scorpion class shuttle


Born and raised on the Mercury colony and trained since childhood in the way of the machines of the colony. A skilled engineer, Sam knows how many machines and computers work and has a general level of competence when dealing with them. Not all machines are safe however as is as is proved by Sam’s childhood face scar. Sam is not a people person. but Sam does have a great understanding of machines and computers allowing a greater number of options while using them.
Mercury is a mine and there is little opportunity or good that can be done for the people there. Sam soon moved from Mercury and now seeks the opportunities Mars presents.

Sam Robertson

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