Jack Foster

A Marsian Gangster


Dark Brown Hair
Loves to wear his fighter pilot helmet
agility d10
smarts d4
strength d6
spirit d4
vigor d6
Shooting d12
Piloting d12
Stealth d8
Lock Picking d8
Throwing d4
greedy (minor)
Mean (minor)
Curious (major)
Quick Draw
body armor
Light Pistol:50 ammo
Hunting Rifle:50 ammo
Tiger Class Shuttle


Born to Earth and dumped at an orphange Jack was always a hopeful young scientist. He never acted up or goofed around always so intrigued with the theories and proofs of science, not least of which was physics. He always managed to do just well enough to progress through his schooling without being the nail that stuck up(or in other words an outlier). Unfortunately for Jack he wasn’t actually as prepared as he could have been when it came time for his main testing to determine if he could or couldn’t stay on Earth. With the cut throat Crimson Freedom at the helm of Jacks life he was swiftly shipped off to mars like the pile of trash he obviously must have been.
Now a resident of Mars, Jack had to learn the ways of the street where he met a young kid from a gang who just arrived on Mars much like himself. The gang “”/wikis/Hood%20Rats/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Hood Rats" took Jack in and told him if you want to live big on mars you need to hustle, and hustle Jack did. You see having the equivalent of a masters in physics will help when all you are doing is shooting pool and basically stealing Red Heads’ money. After a few years of this toil Jack was looking for something bigger then just scrounging around for credits and he noticed his gang had made a big enough name for them selves in the community to attract a few bounties. Being a resourceful young man jack decided to gather a few up of the lower bounties of crew member he wasn’t very fond of. Long story short about 12 bounties in Jack had amassed a decent chunk of cash, but the hunger for more always drove him on to bigger more daring feats. Then it hit him. If he were to turn in the leader of the Hood Rats he could get a shuttle and maybe, just maybe blast off this rock to achieve bounty hunting glory.
With the fall of the entire Hood Rats organization, Jack being solely responsible for, he went off in search of a ship he could call his own. Luckily the local shop owners hated the gang so they loved Jack and one shuttle dealer made a decent deal with him on a Tiger Class Shuttle. The dealer said if you fix up the engines you can have it for free, it has been sitting in my yard for years. Seeing how jack made friends with more then a few of the business men around the area through his bounty hunting endeavors. It wasn’t hard to find a mechanic to pay almost all of his credits to get the ship up and running again. With that Jack the hero of “insert shitty town name here” was off to achieve bigger and better things.

Jack Foster

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