Erich Schwarzwolf

A Master Hacker

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 6’00
  • Weight: 185 Lb.
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green

Strength d6
Agility d6
Smarts d8
Spirit d4
Vigor d6

Fighting d10
Knowledge(computers) d10
Lockpicking d8
Piloting d6
shooting d4



body armor+4 armor -4 ap against baliistics
vibro long sword 1d8+1d6+str ap 2
Gorilla Class Shuttle


Born to wealthy Earth family Erich’s parents spent no expense in his teaching, so that when he turned 12 his parents wouldn’t have to lose him. Erich passed the IQ exam excelling in one area in particular computers. Erich’s father was a historian who loved the dark ages of Earth’s past his father trained Erich in the art of swordplay, with such forms as fencing and Ookami Kenjutsu. As Erich grew into his teenage years and young adult hood he grew an ever growing rap sheet with his parents wealth he was always given access to the best lawyers, who in turn would convince the judge this traffic cam hacking’s and rerouting security systems to only be white hat offenses. At the age of 22 Erich desired to test his hacking skills having not been caught since he was 17, he grew ever more arrogant in his ability’s.
Erich hacked in the Earths global defense systems, this time being an adult and his crime being a national offense the judge sent him to Pluto to serve at 20 year sentence Erich’s lawyer being the best money could buy dropped the sentence to 5 years. After his imprisonment Erich returned home only to be shunned by his parents. Looking for easy information that he could sell Erich hacked into his mothers research lab and found some kind of anomaly from Mercury. Erich slipped onto a shuttle bound for Mercury unnoticed he looked like so many who travel to the mines on Mercury after there life on the cold blue waste land prison.

Erich Schwarzwolf

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