Bounty Hunting: the Human Expansion


Chapter Three

After waiting around of Venus for a week, Jack noticed some suspicious activity in Dryfus’ surveillance and went to check it out. After breaking into his bathroom he found Dryfus has slit his wrists. After leaving the Captain had Erich make it look like he had a large gambling debt to Jack Reacher, a local Loanshark.

Erich got board and went to an underground Casino run by Reacher. After talking with Reacher, Erich offered to erase his digital trail in exchange for covering his gambling debt. However after finding out Erich’s parents are rich, Reacher decided to take him for ransom. Erich killed the men guarding him and Reacher fled the planet. Erich got a threatening message from the Syndicate.

Also Sam made some money working a legitimate job.


merekfugi37 Trapturtle

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