Bounty Hunting: the Human Expansion


Chapter Two

Nebacanessaur, Raiden Class Frigate
During the flight to Mercury, the Sunchaser came across a Raiden Class Frigate bearing Crimson Freedom markings. After it didn’t respond to the captain’s hails, he sent Sam and Jack in their shuttles to examine the ship. Jack cut his way into the ship to examine the interior of the ship and Sam spliced his way into the computer system. He checked the ships logs and found out the ship was named the Nebacanessaur and according to the last logs, the ship was attacked by something they couldn’t see that apparently massacred the entire crew. Upon hearing this news, Isaac orders Jack to leave the ship immediately. However after leaving the ship, Jacks finds that a strange blob is attached to his ship. After a short fight, the crew manages to shoot the alien off the ship and leaves it to float into space. Fearing more of the alien blobs, the crew leaves the remains of the Nebacanessaur to float in space.

After reaching Mercury, Sam heads planetside to attend his parents funerals. While there he encounters a strange man. He said his name was Erich and that he was a friend of his parents, though he didn’t say how. Afterwards, Sam returned to the ship to find that the computers were being hacked by an outside source. After locking out the intruder, he warned the captain who walked outside to find the man from the funeral outside on a cyberdeck. The man said his name Was Erich Schwartzwolf, and that he had come to Mercury to track some unusual activity from Empire computer systems. He had found that alien remains had been found on Mercury and in attempt to cover it up, the empire had killed the crew that unearthed the fossil, including Sam’s parents. After a discussion among the crew, the decision was made to leave the empire to their dirty deeds and heading off to Venus to chase their next bounty. The captain also invited Erich to join the crew, suspecting that his skill with computers would come in handy in the future.

On Venus, the crew began searching for Orson Felling. After finding no leads, the crew found a worker named Richard Dryfus that came up as a match of Felling’s description. The crew tracked him down and after interrogating him, found out Dryfus is Felling’s brother. They threatened him into contacting his Felling, saying he was in trouble and in need of help. Felling soon responded that he was on his way from Pluto and he should be there in a few weeks. With that the crew settled and waited for Orson Felling to show up…


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