Bounty Hunting: the Human Expansion

Operation Sizzling Bacon

Chapter Four

After locating a ship inbound from earth, the crew decided to make a plan to kidnap Felling. After going through many versions of the plan, it was decided that the best plan of action was to dress like a customs officer, lure him into a holding cell, taze him, then stuff him into a container and smuggle him back to the Sunchaser. The captain obtained the uniform by bribing a shady officer. After that he went into the locker room and grabbed a few janitor uniforms for the rest of the crew. Erich was on the ground, acting as backup and the bagman, Jack provided sniper support and Sam acted as a spotter.

The day came and much to everyone’s surprise, Felling wasn’t on the ship. After talking to the ship and crew, the captain found out the ship’s purpose was to find info on Dryfus’ death. Unable to believe it was a coincidence, Captain Roland searched the ship while Erich captured and interrogated the ship’s captain. Roland found the ship was smuggling illegal weapons while Erich found out Felling sent the ship to find out what happened to his brother, during the conversation Erich was also able to extract an E-mail from his prisoner.

The captain decided to turn in the smugglers and Erich sent an E-mail to Felling trying to lure him out into the open. However the Con-man saw through the clever ruse.

Out of leads, the crew of the Sunchaser decided to head down to Saturn to chase their next bounty, an ex-police officer named Flynn Carmichael.


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